Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cleaning Out My Closet For Spring

A few weeks ago I shared a couple of photos, on Instagram, hinting that I was in the middle of spring cleaning my main closet and switching out fall/winter clothes for spring/summer clothes. I figured I'd share the end result with you today.

The first thing I did was empty out the closet and clean it, making sure to get all the dust bunnies to vacate the premises. Then I went through and separated out the cold weather clothes. Lets be honest. I live in the Central Valley California, other than a few thick sweaters, scarves, and a few pairs of boots, there's not much to my cold weather clothing. But I did remove the darker colored clothes from the closet and added in my brighter clothes. 

While I was at it I went through everything and made piles for donation and trash. The trash pile is on the left and the donations are on the right.

Then it was time to store away my winter clothes.

 I use two canvas bags that slide under the bed to store everything and the packing paper is to stuff my boots.

This is why I had packing paper for my boots. If I were to store my boots like this until next winter they would be disfigured when I pull them out.

So after they are cleaned I stuff to maintain their original shape. Now they are ready for the summertime slumber.

Here they are all packed and ready for storage under the bed.

Now lets look at the cleaned out closet.

The top box contains a few hats and the bottom box has my bikinis and beach coverups.

I need to replenish my supply, I got rid of 6 pairs of shoes

The left side is so hard to photograph.

Flip flops are just waiting to make a reappearance for 2015.

While I was at I decided to tidy up my dresser drawers too. Top drawer has my undergarments and sleepwear.

Middle drawer has t-shirts, tank tops and lightweight sweaters.

Bottom drawer has all my workout gear.

Side note: Did anyone else notice the abnormal amount of black or black and white I have in my wardrobe? Seriously people it's an obsession, I need therapy. I think it comes from my modeling days when the mentality was, "black makes you look thin." But I have friend that's a personal shopper and she's been working with me on adding splashes of color through my shirts and scarves.

Anyway I digress... have you done any spring cleaning yet?

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