Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Kitchen Drawer Divider Project

I have a secret the share will everyone today... you ready? When we moved into our condo a few years ago, I instantly set about organizing all kitchen. Oh yes, the cabinets looked good and the "majority" of the drawers looked good. Wait, did  I just say the majority? Yes, I did. You see there there were two drawers in particular that proved to be my nemeses. 

My first nemesis came in the form of my silverware drawer. I have searched high and low for a drawer organizer that is narrow enough to fit the 17 3/4" x 9 5/8" x 4" drawer. However, I never found one narrow enough with a configuration that I liked. So this what we've been living with... and when the Mister constantly complains about it being too messy for him, you know it's time to address the situation.

So I decided to DIY an organizer and defeat my nemeses. But I had two criteria, they were must be removable because this is a rental and must be cute to look at. Then I remembered I had some cute Contact paper stashed away in my hoarder closet and my idea was born. I was going to use foam core board covered in the contact paper to build it. 

- Form Core Board
- Contact Paper
- Measure Tape
- X-Acto Knife
- Ruler (for straight edge)
- Hot Glue Gun (not picture) 

First, I emptied and cleaned out the drawer.

Next I measured and lined the bottom of the drawer and laid out the silverware for placement. Can you see how narrow it is... so frustrating.

Before I cut the foam core I had to measure the depth of the drawer to make sure I didn't cut the sides to high. 

I didn't take any pictures of the cutting part or covering the foam core with the paper, but that's pretty simple and self explanatory, I think.

Here my gorgeous drawer now... looooooove it!

I did run a bead of hot glue down the seams of the dividers for sturdiness.

Now it was time to take out my other nemesis... the utensil drawer.

 Following the same order as the first drawer, I emptied and cleaned it out. This time, I needed to go through all my utensils and even discard a few. Who really needs 4 sets of measuring cups and 4 sets of measuring spoons? Next I played with the configuration before I cut my pieces. (Side point: I hate those knobs, I should think about changing them.)

And here is the final outcome... as you can see I played around with the configuration a few times before I was satisfied. But alas the final nemesis has been defeated!

I was already happy with this project but as I sit here and type this post my smile is getting bigger. It just occured to me how inexpensive this DIY project really was. The form core was $2.50 for the sheet and I still have half of it left. The roll of 18"x 24' (yes, 24 feet) Contact paper was $6.00 and I barely put a dent in it. Hmmm... let's do the math on this one. It would be $1.25 for the foam core. The Contact paper equates to .25/foot, I used about 3.5 feet. So that's .88 cents plus 1.25 for a grand total of $2.13 for two organized drawers?!?!

Makes me wonder what else can I organize with this method?

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